Some of us like to use short-term rental apartments - hotel rentals in Cluj Napoca. It can be a fantastic thing if you are forced to travel on a tight budget, especially as a family. In the center of Cluj-Napoca, e.g, There are hundreds of apartments that can be rented for less than 35-40 per night; if you have no luck finding a hotel room, you can sleep comfortably whole family at the same price!

A lot of advantages

A short-term rental, Also, a great option if, let's say, You will want, to save money on food (you have your own kitchen), like the idea of ​​having a living space to relax (but you do not want to pay for a hotel suite shiny), or you want to experience true "living like a local" (in his own house located there). Pentru 35-40 per night, You can have a bedroom just for you and you can enjoy breakfast in a kitchen full of sun.

That being said, State in a rented apartment in Cluj Napoca rent during your stay does not always go perfectly. Each apartment is different, so the facility and comfort varies. Photos can be deceiving (because they can be made in hotels). How can you be sure that you get the most benefit from a short-term rental apartment? Here are some tips to remember them:

Online ads are not necessarily the best options

Online listings sites have their uses. But when it comes to finding a rental service in rent in Cluj Napoca, It is something too risky. Scams abound and, given the lack of any rules in the field, there is no way to know if people are who they say they are ... or, In the present, apartments, actually, which shows that they are!

Intermediate sites

Fortunately, there are a lot of other options, much safer. All these have included for your protection. When you book an apartment on Airbnb, e.g, You can send payment directly to site. Airbnb and retains, taking care to deliver the owner two days after you managed to stay. so, especially if you arrive at the apartment there, or not is what the description, owner sees money! owners, Also, can not cancel a customer request more than once a year, and even they are penalized and only one cancellation.

Such sites are also good because they have a review system where they can write only people who have actually booked and stayed at that property. Seems like a trivial thing - fake - is a big advantage. O alta optiune este sa verificati pagina de Facebook – review-uri, imagini, videoclipuri, comentariile userilor. Aceasta este insa o discutie pentru alt articol. so, You can go and safely. Keep close to major sites of hotel rentals in Cluj Napoca. There is no reason to play Russian roulette with your holiday.